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Best Massage Chair for Tall Person


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When buying a massage chair, it is important to realise that each has it’s own maximum height and weight capacity.

In this article, we discuss what you need to look out for and recommend the best chairs that will fit tall as well as big people.

If you are particularly tall, eg over 6ft, finding a massage chair to fit can be difficult as they generally tend to be geared towards those of average height. However, all is not lost as there are some good quality chairs that will fit you.

If you are both big and tall, it can prove particularly challenging but rest assured there are excellent chairs on the market that will accommodate your body size.

They come in a range of prices from a great quality but also great value massage chair to a higher end and more expensive model.

This in-depth guide will help you find the best massage chair for a tall person as well as a big and tall person with links to where you can buy these chairs.

Features to Look For

All men and women come in different shapes and sizes. So when we sit in a massage chair, we need to make sure that the moving components hit all the right spots to give the best massage possible. What you don’t want is to feel you are squeezed in to the chair as it will defeat the object of enjoying a time of relaxation and recovery.

Body Scanning

One of the most important features that tall and large people should look for is body scanning capabilities.

Many massage chairs have advanced body scanning which means when you sit in the chair, it will use its computer technology to scan your body size and shape. This gives the chair intelligence to fine tune the massage to your unique body profile, enabling a customized massage experience.

This clever body scanning ability is a crucial feature when you are taller or above average in size and gives you a superior massage tailored to meet your exact build and stature rather than having a “one size fits all” experience.

Long Massage Track

Your back is massaged via a track that extends down the spine of the chair. Different chairs have different track lengths and it is vital that the track is long enough so that it reaches the full height of your back. Tall people should look for a track that is a minimum of 27 inches long.

Extendable Foot Rest / Ottoman Extension

Tall people generally have long legs so you need to make sure they can extend completely so that you feel comfortable during the treatment but also to ensure that you receive the best possible massage to your leg and calf muscles.

Check that the foot rest or ottoman extension is actually extendable and will adjust to accommodate the full length of your legs.

Other Features Big and Tall Should Look For

To ensure you have the best fit possible, if you have very broad shoulders or hips, check whether the chair has shoulder and hip airbags. If there is not enough space, you may feel cramped and squashed which does not amount to a good relaxing experience.

Bear in mind that just because a chair has shoulder and hip airbags doesn’t render it unsuitable for you. It may be designed to accommodate larger and small body sizes and adapt to your unique body shape.


In summary, when looking for a massage chair for a big and tall person, make sure it has body scanning, an extendable footrest or ottoman and, if it has airbags for shoulders and hips, that there is enough space for your body size and shape.

If all boxes are ticked you should be able to fit into the chair and enjoy a wonderful relaxing and rejuvenating massage experience.

Our Recommended Best Massage Chair for a Tall Person

Inada Dreamwave

Expensive but fits tall and large people

Inada Dreamwave

Taking everything into account, we recommend the Inada Dreamwave as the best massage chair for a tall person with a height range of 5ft to 6ft 5.

With the mantra “if you fit you can sit”, It is also ideal for people who are larger in breadth. Although it has some features we told you to beware of, the chair is designed to accommodate small and large people and has the bonus of coming with a host of other features, making the Inada Dreamwave a truly wonderful massage experience.

This is a traditional looking massage chair and does come at a high price. If you want a more reasonable priced chair, I would check out the Kahuna chair (see below) and if you're looking for an expensive product but with a more modern design, you may like the Novo (see below).

View the Inada Dreamwave

Human Touch Novo XT

Expensive but fits very tall people plus loads of functionality and very modern design

Human Touch Novo X%

This is a very modern looking chair but at the same price point as the Inada Dreamwave. The Human Touch Novo XT fits extremely tall people up to a height of up to 6ft 9. It doesn't have body scanning functionality but instead implements a system with 9 height settings instead. This is a luxury, stylish, zero-gravity chair with 34 automatic programs, heat and lots of other functionality.

View the Novo

Kahuna LM6800 Zero Gravity

Lower to mid-range in price and fits up to 6ft

Kahuna LM6800

If you are looking for a massage chair that is more affordable and under $2000, the Zero Gravity Kahuna Chair is a great choice. However, this is will only accomodate you if you are not excessively tall and large - up to 6ft tall and 240 pounds.

View the Kahuna Chair