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Infinity Riage x3 Massage Chair Review


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Infinity Riage x3 Massage Chair








Riage x3

This is a review for the Infinity Riage x3 massage chair, a zero gravity chair with the most humanlike rubbing massage you will experience from a massage chair. In addition, it has the longest massage stroke available which extends down your spine, through your buttocks and thighs for an exhilarating complete body massage.

The Ultimate in Luxury

If you are looking for a luxurious indulgent experience and a state of the art massage chair that is the envy of your friends, the Riage x3 ticks every box. 

With the most advanced 3D technology in the massage chair market using kneading, tapping, knocking and rubbing techniques, this Infinity chair also offers a calming Shiatsu massage and the most amazing foot massage. Relax into the chair while the rollers manipulate the soles of your feet for a heavenly reflexology treatment.

It features air pressure massage for your back, waist, shoulders, arms, buttocks, calves and feet with its whole body airbag system and a relaxing swinging feature that gently rocks the chair back and forth while you enjoy your treatment.

Heat therapy warms your muscles and increases blood-flow to release tension and discomfort, preparing you for a deeper massage.

Read on for the full review or check today's price on Amazon.

Zero Gravity

There are 2 zero-gravity positions on the Riage chair. The second position allows you to sink completely into the chair so that you feel weightless, enabling your body to slip into deep relaxation and restoration.

Whole Body Massage

The specially patented design by Infinity means you can experience the most exquisite sensations with an incredibly whole body massage that is similar to that you would receive from the hands of a massage therapist.  

Bluetooth and Built-in Speakers

The Riage x3 massage chair has bluetooth connectivity and built in speakers which means that you can listen to your favourite music whilst enjoying the sensations of a wonderful massage.

Pros and Cons of the Infinity Riage x3 Massage Chair


  • This is a great chair for impressing your friends
  • Offers a full body massage extending into the buttocks and thighs
  • It has the longest massage stroke available
  • With its advanced technology, it boasts the most humanlike experience in the massage chair market


  • It is an expensive massage chair
  • The chair needs to be positioned 25 inches from a wall so that it can be reclined


The Infinity Riage x3 massage chair offers an amazing humanlike massage experience with heat therapy, zero gravity, reflexology and all the massage techniques you could wish for, including Shiatsu and reflexology.

Automatic Massage Programs


Types of Massage

  • Shiatsu
  • Reflexology Foot Massage
  • Neck & Shoulder Massage
  • Sports Refresh - use after a workout to soothe muscles and aid muscle recovery
  • Extension - a Thai massage which kneads and stretches your body. Perfect for tired muscles and flexibility
  • Rest & Sleep - a massage to improve sleep quality with a gentle massage
  • Working Relief - for people who spend lots of time at a desk, this massage soothes muscles and helps your body recover

Additional Features

  • 3D Massage
  • Longest stroke length of 49 inches
  • 2 zero gravity positions
  • Swing functionality for relaxation
  • Android App
  • Four wheel mechanism
  • Rolling massagers on soles of feet

Zero Gravity


Standard Recliner


Heat Therapy



Lumbar Heat

Body Scanner






Remote Control





3 Colour Options: Classic Black / Chocolate Brown / Taupe


Upright: 56 x 33.5 x 47 inches Reclined: 74 x 35.5 x 37 inches

Weight of Chair

275 pounds

Height Range


Max User Weight

285 lbs


3 year peace of mind warranty - parts and labor warranty

Optional for an additiona cost: 1 year extended parts only warranty or 2 year extended parts only warranty