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Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair Review (HCP-11001)


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Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair - Model HCP-11011A









This is a review for the Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair(HCP-11001), a luxury product including 16 in-built programs, full body massage, heat therapy and body scanning capabilities. This is the product we recommend as the best massage chair for big and tall people.

Inada boast that they are the "Best Massage Chairs in the World" and this model really does provide the most magical therapeutic experience.

Massage Programs

In addition to the 16 pre-programmed massage therapies (which is more than any other chair), there are 15 manual massage types giving over 1000 manual combinations. This is a luxury massage chair with all the bonus features that make any treatment a complete joy. 

Made in Japan, the Inada Dreamwave offers a full upper body Shiatsu massage that includes the shoulders, neck, arms and hands. Sore hips and thighs are targeted with a specific treatment for those areas and the air cells that compress and release on your calves, feet and the soles of your feet are calming and relaxing.

Read on for the full review or check today's price on Amazon.

Body Scanning Technology

Superior body scanning capabilities personalize your body profile for a massage tailored to meet your body needs.  The chair adapts to your body automatically so you enjoy the most immersive experience possible.

There is a deep relaxation setting designed to soothe and lead you to serenity. This is perfect for those who might suffer from anxiety or stress.

Inada in reclining position

Who Can Use the Chair?

The specified height range for users is 5ft to 6ft 5 which means that it is suitable for tall people. There is a gentle program specially designed for older children which means that the whole family can use it providing they are at least 5ft tall. No weight limit is specified so if you can fit in the chair, the chair should be suitable for your size.

Additional Features

The heat in the seat and lower back can aid aches and pains. There is a smartphone pocket and remote control. Safety features include recline and foot rest obstruction sensors and a breakaway cord.

Customer Reviews

The reviews by past customers sing the praises of their excellent customer service.

One customer says that when they had problems putting the chair together on arrival, the company came to assemble, test and even cleaned up all the packaging.

Another said the rolling program was heavenly where as another said the rolling and Shiatsu massages could have had a bit more strength to them. Someone else raves about the “wonderful” foot massages and leg stretching.


The Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair is pure luxury with all the massage programs you could ever want. It is very much at the more expensive end of the price range but if you're serious about getting a top-class massage, this is the one for you.

This is one of the chairs we recommend for tall people but if you are extra tall, check out the Human Touch Novo which is for men and women up to 6ft 9. It is in the same price bracket but the styling is modern rather than the traditional look of the Dreamwave.

Automatic Massage Programs


Types of Massage

  • Shiatsu
  • Full Body Massage
  • Full Upper Body Massage
  • Hip and Thighs
  • Calf, Foot and Soles of the Feet
  • Gentle massage (ideal for children)

Additional Features

  • Smartphone pocket
  • Deep relaxation setting to calm and soothe

Zero Gravity


Heat Therapy



Infrared Heating for the Seat and Lower Back

Body Scanner



100 Cells


3D 4-Roller See-Saw System

Remote Control







Upright 37″W x 55″L x 48″H / Reclined 37″W x 83″L x 30″H

Weight of Chair

265 pounds

Height Range

5ft to 6ft 5

Max User Weight

None specified - If you fit in an Inada Massage Chair, it will take your weight.


Manufacturer's Warranty: 3 year limited repair or replacement on-site service. Additional 5 year extended warranty available for purchase