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Human Touch Novo XT Massage Chair Review


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Human Touch Novo XT Massage Chair






Human Touch


Novo XT

This review is for the Human Touch Novo XT massage chair, a stunning piece of luxury in both style and functionality from the excellent Human Touch Ascent Series. Designed with the massage chair enthusiast in mind, it can benefit all types of people and all lifestyles including sporty, athletic men and women, people who spend many hours at a desk or those who are recovering from an injury. 

If you have an appetite for luxury and desire only the very best equipment to give you the lifestyle you demand, the Human Touch Novo is likely to be one of those extravagant but necessary items on your shopping list.

Read on for the full review or check today's price on Amazon.

Zero Gravity

Zero gravity is one of the most in-demand features of the modern-day massage chair and part of the ultimate experience in relaxation. Reclining your body to a position where it feels weightless, even before your massage begins, you will start to feel the tension lifting from your body.

Human Touch Zero Gravity Massage Chair

L Track Roller System

The advanced L Track is key to a more complete body massage, allowing the rollers to work their magic all the way from your neck, through your back and down to the buttocks and thighs. In fact, it covers up to 60% more of your back than traditional massage chairs.

L-Track Massage System in Novo XT

Designed to Save Space

Many chairs that have a reclining feature have to be positioned several inches if not more from the wall. However, the Novo massage chair has been designed so that it pivots meaning that it can be placed a mere 2 inches from any wall. 

Extending Leg and Foot Rest

Airbags (or air cells as they call them for this particular chair) massage the sides of your feet and calves, relieving any tight or tired muscles. This “figure of eight” massage to the legs is designed to stimulate blood flow towards the heart. 

Extending Foot and Calf Massager

Reflexology is known to be a powerful form of relaxation so rollers have been incorporated into the foot rest to manipulate the soles of your feet, providing a wonderful soothing feeling. The speed can even be adjusted to slow, medium or fast. If at any time you prefer to simply have the airbag massage to your feet and calves, the foot rollers can be turned off.

The leg and foot rest on the Novo XT senses where your feet and legs are located. It adjusts automatically to the perfect position for the length of your legs to give you the most beneficial treatment. 

Height Adjustment

The Novo chair is one of the few suitable for very tall people.

This is an alternative to the body scan functionality you’ll find on some other massage chairs. 

Instead of pressing a button and letting the computerised system scan your body, you select the appropriate height setting which is represented in numbers 1 to 9.  This covers anyone up to a height of 6ft 9. Once you have entered the number that represents your height, the computer will automatically use its intelligence to make adjustments ensuring you receive a massage that hits all the right spots.

Heat Therapy

Featuring the patented Human Touch Warm Air Technology it targets the lumbar region alleviating aches, pains and tension in your back muscles.

Massage Programs

Full Body Stretch - HT Novo XT Massage Chair

With 34 in-built massage programs, you are spoilt for choice. These programs include:

  • Awake: A morning program to waken your body at the start of the day
  • Energize: Stretch and soothe your whole body leaving it energized. This is a sophisticated massage technique for a chair that replicates what a chiropractor does by decompressing your spine.
  • Performance: An intense Cloud Touch massage with air whereby the airbags inflate and deflate to provide a rejuvenating experience.
  • Recovery: Neck and shoulder massage to alleviate stiffness.
  • Upper back massage
  • Lower back massage
  • Demonstration massage which incorporates all of the massage techniques.

Once you have selected one of these programs, you can then choose a secondary massage style:

  • Shiatsu: A mixed massage with varying intensities from soft to vigorous
  • Swedish: A medium massage with soft to medium strength
  • Sports: Starts off gently and increases to intense
  • Thai: Begins with a vigorous massage and ends softly
  • Stretch: This is applicable only to the Energize program

There are also 3D deep tissue programs which include:

  • Deep Stretch: Lower back stretching which includes deep muscle penetration
  • Deep Breath: This helps you to breathe rhythmically with the chair movements enabling you to relax very deeply
  • Deep Soothe: A deep accupressure massage to relieve and pacify.

You can focus the massage on a particular part of your body:

  • Full back massage
  • Zone: Choose the area you wish to focus on and choose the range from short, medium or long
  • Spot: Pinpoint the exact spot you want to target.

Human Touch Novo Air Massage

This HT Novo chair includes Cloud Touch which massages your body using air technology. This can be focused on a particular area:

  • Full Body
  • Arms and Shoulders
  • Back and Waist
  • Legs and Feet
  • Buttocks

Human Touch Novo Chair Features

Manual Modes

The Novo provides the following techniques in its manual modes which can be chosen in conjunction with the zone you wish to target as well as massage intensity:

  • Kneading: A small circular movement, either side of the spine
  • Tap Touch: A pulsing and rolling massage
  • Percussion: Like the kind of massage sports therapists use it uses fast tapping strokes through the spine for a deep muscle treatment to stimulate the muscles and joints in that area.
  • Shiatsu: Gentle verticle rolling along your spine
  • Knead and Percussion: Combines the two massage techniques in one massage

You can even adjust the width of the massage during the Tap Touch, Percussion or Shiatsu massages and customise the kneading or tap touch to the speed that feels most beneficial.

Control the Massage Intensity

Sometimes you may want a more gentle treatment and other times you will prefer a much deeper, vigorous massage. The Novo XT gives you 5 different levels of intensity from soft to strong to customise your experience to your precise requirements.

Bluetooth Speakers Built-in

Bluetooth Speakers in the Human Touch Novo XT

Built in to the chair are bluetooth speakers enabling you to plug in your mobile phone or device so that you can relax with your favourite music. There is even an audio sync function which means you can synchronize the massage to the music that is being played.

Remote Control

Massage programs can all be controlled with the touch of a button thanks to the LCD screened remote control. It even comes with the ability to translate into 4 different languages: English, Mandarin, Korean and Vietnamese.

Novo XT Remote Control

Pros and Cons of the Human Touch Novo Massage Chair


  • Lots of automatic programs to choose from as well as speeds and intensity
  • 5 year warranty which is a lot longer than many other massage chairs offer
  • Luxurious in style and available in 5 colours
  • L-track massage that extends to the buttocks and thighs
  • Height setting means that very tall people can use it


  • It is an expensive chair compared to many others on the market


To sum up this review, the Human Touch Novo XT is a great looking luxury chair with a wealth of massage techniques and programs and is at the higher end of the massage chair market. If you are looking to impress your friends and family as well as wanting to spend time luxuriating in a top class chair, this could definitely be the one for you.

Automatic Massage Programs


Additional Features

  • L Track Massage System extending the massage to the buttocks and thighs
  • 5 Settings for intensity level
  • Extending foot and calf massage
  • Flex 3D massage technology
  • Cloud touch accupressure
  • Full body stretch
  • Built in bluetooth speakers

Zero Gravity


Heat Therapy



Lumbar Heat using Human Touch Warm Air Technology

Body Scanner



Yes, 42 Air Cells


Yes including rollers for a foot (reflexology) massage

Remote Control





Comes in a choice of: Black, Cream, Espresso, Red or Grey


Upright: 63”L x 31”W x 43”H Reclining: 71”L x 31”W x 38”H

Weight of Chair

273 pounds

Height Range

5ft to 6ft 9

Max User Weight

285 lbs


5 Year Premium Warranty