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Bestmassage BM-EC161 Review


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Bestmassage BM-161 Zero Gravity Massage Chair









This is a review for the Zero Gravity Bestmassage BM-EC161 electric massage chair, providing you with an affordable option under $1000 with an exceptional number of great features considering it’s low price.

Some of the features Included in this massage chair are:

Zero Gravity Recliner

The best way to truly relax is to recline to zero gravity which gives you a sense of weightlessness while you enjoy the therapy. When you are in this horizontal position, it opens up your lungs aiding deeper breathing and relaxation. Pressure is released from the joints and back helping relieve any aches and pains you may have in those areas.

Surprisingly, the Bestmassage BM-EC161 features a zero gravity recliner which is unusual in the $500-$1000 price bracket. 

Read on for the full review or check today's price on Amazon.

Heat Treatment

Heat is a tried and tested method of easing back aches and pains, so if you suffer from backache, menstrual pains or stiffness around the waist and lower back, the heat for the waist area will be incredibly beneficial. It will also help in relaxing you as you experience your massage.

Advanced L Track Technology

Advanced L Track Technology in BM-EC161 Massage Chair

Another function that is surprising in a chair of this price is the L Track which is particularly long offering a complete neck to thigh treatment. Even some of the more expensive models don’t have this L Track feature giving this chair an advantage over some of the more costly versions.

The L-track technology in this chair gives a fantastic buttock and thigh massage which you don’t always get in other models.

Built in Programs

There are 4 built in programs which offer what they call “Relax”, “Extend”, “Recover” and Refresh as well as a speed option.

Shoulder Positioning

It is important when positioning yourself that you are comfortable and one issue that arises in some chairs is that the shoulder position is not quite right. However, in the Bestmassage BM-161, a sensor means that it finds the correct position for your shoulder to give the optimum therapeutic experience.

Types of Massages

Complete with Shiatsu massage functionality, it also offers a strong foot roller treatment. A foot massage is a wonderful experience helping blood flow and circulation to the extremities.

As well as the neck to thigh massage mentioned above, there are airbags for the calves and forearms. The techniques included in this model are kneading and rolling.

The Massage Treatments from BM-EC161

Massage Strength

One thing that you should be aware of is that this chair offers a pretty strong massage. People tend to be polarised in their views either loving the strong vigorous application or finding it very uncomfortable.  If you are quite small in build and quite sensitive to touch, you may find it a little too rough. In that case you may prefer  a model that offers a lighter more gentle touch. But if you love intense treatments, you will most likely love this chair.

However, it does come with options for the level of intensity that you prefer but still reviews suggest that even the gentle program may not be as soothing as a more sensitive person may require.

Despite the strong massage this chair offers, past customers do find that it is good for relaxing and helps promote sleep.

Pros and Cons of the Bestmassage BM-EC161


  • This massage chair offers excellent value for money
  • A vigorous experience which is ideal for those who like a strong massage
  • Long L-Track offering neck to thigh massage
  • Lots of features you wouldn’t expect in a chair of this price.


  • May be a little too rough for some people
  • Very heavy and awkward to manouevre on delivery - you’ll need 2 strong people to do this
  • Not suitable for very tall people
  • Remote isn’t mounted on the chair


To summarise this review for the Bestmassage BM-161, it is a fantastic reclining massage chair, particularly in comparison to more expensive models. It offers great value for money boasting a lot more features than many other examples at a similar price.

Automatic Massage Programs


Types of Massage

  • Shiatsu
  • Kneading
  • Rolling

Additional Features

  • L Shape extra long massage track
  • Foot roller giving a strong foot massage
  • Buttock and thigh massage

Zero Gravity


Standard Recliner


Heat Therapy



Heat for waist

Body Scanner






Remote Control






Weight of Chair

250 pounds

Height Range

5ft 2 to 6ft

Max User Weight



1 Year Warranty (parts and labor)