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What is a Zero Gravity Massage Chair?


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If you’ve been looking for a massage chair, you may have come across several that offer “zero-gravity”. This is one of the most requested features in massage chairs since the first one came on to the market in 2008.

Inada Dreamwave Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The Inada Dreamwave Zero Gravity Massage Chair is at the top end of the market at just under $10,000

What is zero gravity?

What this means is that you are put into a position of weightlessness. Ordinarily, due to gravitational forces, our bodies feel tension and compression. However, when experiencing zero gravity, stress on the body is minimalized and we experience a light, floaty feeling where the tension in our muscles dissipates and we feel deeply relaxed.

Consequently, to experience weightlessness is a great benefit physically and an excellent way to reduce the stress and tension so many people experience in the world today.

The technology involved with zero gravity was advanced by NASA. In fact, astronauts are positioned in a zero-gravity chair when they are launched into space to ensure they don’t suffer any ill-effects of the change in pressure as they take off into the atmosphere.

Kahuna Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The Kahuna Zero Gravity Massage Chair is an affordable option at less than $2000

How Does a Zero Gravity Massage Chair Work?

A zero gravity robotic chair works by reclining but also by lifting your lower legs in a position where they are raised above the heart. The positioning of the chair distributes your weight evenly so that the pressure on your muscles and joints including your spine and lower back is relieved.

What Are the Benefits?

There are chairs on the market that offer zero-gravity but they are not all massage chairs. 

The benefit of zero gravity combined with a massage chair means that as well as reclining you into this near weightless position, it gives you a therapeutic treatment, manipulating your muscles with rollers and/or airbags. 

Bestmassage BM-EC161 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The Bestmassage BM-EC161 Zero Gravity Massage Chair is a great buy and very affordable at under $1000

The bonus of this combined chair is a massage in this position gives you a considerably stronger, more intense and invigorating experience than one where you are in an upright sitting position.

During this experience, your blood circulation is stimulated and improved, your body is relaxed and the spine decompresses.

The benefits of a zero gravity massage chair is that you will feel refreshed, revitalized and rejuvenated after your treatment.

Is this a Feature in all Reclining Massage Chairs?

A reclining chair is very comfortable and can give a wonderful relaxing massage but just because it reclines doesn’t mean that it offers zero gravity. The positioning of the legs above the heart is the important factor here. If you’re looking for the ultimate experience, you need the correct positioning of the body combined with a good massage technique.

Human Touch Novo Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The Novo XT Zero Gravity Massage Chair by Human Touch is the Ultimate in Luxury with a Modern Design and a Designer Price Tag too at almost $10,000

Who Created the First Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

Human Touch created the first zero-gravity massage chair in 2008. It was called the "AcuTouch HT-7450". Since then, many more have come on to the market, some at incredibly high price tags but with many sought-after features that warrant paying the price.

Who Can Use Them?

They are beneficial for lots of people as they relax and relieve you from the strains of life. 

However, if you have back problems including aches and pains or problems that are exacerbated by your weight, they can be a real benefit. Suffering on a daily basis from painful joints or muscles is debilitating so to alleviate these problems and find respite from these issues can be life-changing. 

What are the Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs?

So, you’re wondering which massage chair we would recommend with this feature. There are a few good chairs in different price brackets from under $1000 all the way up to close to $10,000. 

The right one for you will depend on other features you may wish to have. 

Take a look at the zero gravity massage chairs we recommend.