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Can I Use a Massage Chair While Pregnant?


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Pregnant woman sitting on bed

Many women ask the question "Can I Use a Massage Chair While Pregnant?". There is conflicting advice on whether it is safe or not. Some say that there is no evidence to suggest they are bad for women during pregnancy and others say you should not use them until after the baby is born.

Relieving Pregnancy Aches and Tiredness with Massage

During pregnancy, women can experience a lot of backache due to the additional weight that they are carrying. Legs get tired and you can generally feel weary and tired. A massage for a pregnant woman can be a wonderful prospect to alleviate these symptoms.

However, some massage chairs give quite a vigorous massage and certain features may pose a risk to the wellbeing of your baby depending on your situation, how many months pregnant you are and the individual chair.

Ask Your Doctor About Massage Chair Safety During Pregnancy

To ensure that you use your massage chair in a way that is safe for both you and your baby, we strongly recommend that you speak with your doctor to allay any fears you may have about whether or not it is safe:

  • Ask the doctor whether your massage chair is suitable to use. They all vary in intensity and if it is very gentle it may be beneficial
  • Find out if there are certain times of your pregnancy (ie the first few months) when you should abstain from the massage.
  • If you have a high-risk pregnancy or have had any problems at all with it, check this out with a medical professional.
  • If the advice is that you can use the massage chair whilst pregnant, ask if there is a recommended maximum time that you should spend in it at a time.

Some massage chairs offer shoulder, neck, foot, leg and arm massage. For obvious reasons, it may well be that these are ok. However, there may be reasons that are particular to you as to why you should avoid this while pregnant.

In Summary

Remember that every pregnancy is different as is every massage chair and the person who are most in touch with your health and medical situation during this period is your midwife or doctor.

Therefore our advice is to ask these medical professionals who know you, and are dealing with you throughout your pregnancy, whether it is safe for you to use a massage chair whilst pregnant.

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